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the best travel products

And why!


Favourite cabin bag

CabinMax Metz 30L

Looking for a good quality, affordable carry on rucksack? We have used this on all major budget airlines (despite the dimensions being bigger than Ryanair state, it does fit into their testing space!). It is durable and comes in a lot of colours.

Favourite carry on case

CabinMax Velocity Suitcase

We have been using this suitcase for a few years, on some pretty rough adventures, and it has really stood the test of time. It is important to have good quality carry on luggage if you want to start travelling more without expensive luggage charges!

travel adapter

Favourite travel adapter

BOKHOM Worldwide Adapter

This is one of the best things we ever bought for our travels. It works in 150+ countries and has the standard USB A ports but also the newer USB C ports. It also has space for a UK plug too which many of the USB adapters don't. Comes in a cute leather case too!


Vacuum Packing!

Vacuum packing will change your packing life! It allows you to get so much more into a case or rucksack. We have these and they come with a variety of sizes plus a hand pump. This allows you to vacuum seal without a hoover - perfect when travelling.

the best vacuum packs
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