Plan a Budget Italian Adventure - Part 2

(If you haven't yet read Part One, check that out first here.)

To summarise, we spent ten nights on this amazing budget trip to Italy. The one requirement we had was that it was CHEAP. I cover how we decided our route in part one.

Our Italian Adventure consisted of:

Palermo: 4 nights

Naples: 1 night

Conca dei Marini (on the Amalfi coast): 2 nights

Sorrento: 1 night

Stop off at Pompeii enroute to Rome (5 hours)

Rome: 2 nights

(1 night at the end staying near the airport in Rome as we flew home at 7am the following day)

Conca Dei Marini
We stayed in the house to the left of the beach

Arriving in Amalfi

Part One takes us up to our departure from Naples to Conca die Marini, a beautiful part of the Amalfi Coast. We took a big taxi (as there were 5 of us traveling) which cost £130 for the one way journey. There are much cheaper ways to get there, but we were tired and wanted to be taken door to door. With hindsight you could get the train from Naples to Sorrento, spend a night there, and then go to the Amalfi coast using the regular buses that connect the two. The coastal drive is beautiful and much cheaper than the taxi.

I found an amazing house, in a secluded spot right by a beach. It has amazing views and cost only £269 for the two nights. (Click here to check it out) Divided between the 4 adults that is only £67pp for the two nights. £33pp per night - which is an absolute bargain. My one warning would be the steps to get down there. It is a trek. Around 300 steps, often without a rail to assist people with limited mobility. It was fine going down, but even for a young relatively fit person like myself, it was exhausting going back up! We saw a couple arrive at the beach by boat, which could be an option for anyone unable to manage the steps. My parents are in their 60's and managed it, so don't be too put off. It is just worth being prepared for (as we were not!) There is a bus stop right at the top of the steps, so perfect for accessing the rest of the Amalfi coast for really cheap.

Conca dei Marini
View from our house in Conca Dei Marini

Once we arrived and dropped off our things it was around 5pm. We went straight back up the stairs and got the bus to Amalfi town. We had already decided we would cook our own meals during this part of the trip, and the nearest supermarket was either up another1000 stairs to Conca dei Marini town, or get the bus into Amalfi Town. In hindsight we would have done a food shop in Naples so we could have chilled that evening. But we were excited to explore and see the famous Amalfi town, so we didn't mind the afternoon adventure! The bus came immediately as we reached the top of the stairs. It was 2.50 euros from there to Amalfi Town which took around 15/20 minutes. You can pay on the bus, just try to have correct change. The buses are really comfortable and the views along the route are insane (make sure you sit at the side facing the sea!).